Ghost Blogging Platform

I've decided to start writing some more useful words on my blog, and what better way to start off than by sharing about the platform my blog is built on - ghost.

ghost logo

I can't rememeber the exact conversation that went down, but I learned of the ghost blogging platform via a colleague at work. I was probably talking about how Wordpress in all its glory just wasn't as friendly as I'd like and I was therefore referred to ghost. Not to mention (dare I say it) I'm a fan of JavaScript both as a client-side and server-side language. Since ghost is written in Node.js I just had to give it a try. At the time I was introduced to ghost, the project hadn't been released to the public. It had successfully reached it's funding goal on kickstarter however.

I had signed up for a notification for when ghost would be released. As soon as I recieved the e-mail I immediately downloaded ghost and deployed it to my server and tried it out. I fell for it's simplicity instantly! And while it is lacking in many features at present, the roadmap has me excited for the future. As I familiarize myself with the source code I'll attempt to contribute some fixes/features myself.

If you don't like the default look of ghost you can find several free themes to give your blog a different feel. If your more daring and have a decent knowledge of HTML and CSS you can copy the default theme and create your own or start from scratch with the guide found in the docs.

Some of the features that I am looking forward to are plugins, multi-user support and the stats dashboard. These features will inevitably take some time to craft, and whilst they are still in development I can enjoy the currently available feature set.